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What is Brand Logo / Visiting Card Analysis?

Brand Logo Analysis refers to the art of studying the meaning, interpretation and reasons for popularity of Existing Brand Logos, and helping in the selection, from Proposed Brand Logos, of a suitable one as per the Client’s requirements.

What services do we offer in Brand Logo / Visiting Card Analysis?

All Brand Logo Analysis Services are private and provided by Dr. Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa herself directly.

(1) Existing Brand Logo Analysis Report:

Brand Logo Analysis primarily involves study of Designs, Patterns, Colours, Lines and Shapes, Font and Size of Logo and determining whether it is compatible with the Organization’s Culture and Image. This is done for the Existing Brand Logo.

(2) Proposed Brand Logo Analysis Report:

This includes Brand Logo Analysis for Existing as well as Proposed Brand Logos.

What are the benefits of these services?

Brand Logo Analysis tells us how the Target Audience will perceive the Logos under consideration in terms of trust, faith, optimism, direction of life, growth, forward movement, sense of value, usefulness, utility, suitability, equality, unity, relevance, environment-friendly and fair price.

We help our Clients choose Logos which attract nil resistance such that people identify with them, connect with them and accept them readily and instantly.

Who should avail of these services?

Dr. Naavnedhi says that Individuals as well as Organizations can avail of these valuable services.

Your Input:

The Brand Logo Analysis Reports require active co-operation on the part of the Client with respect to the following data & information:

(i) Client’s Full Name / Pen Name / Alternate Name if the Client is popularly known by it (with correct Spelling)

(ii) Client’s Organization’s Full Legal and Trade Names (with correct Spelling)

(iii) Client’s or Organization’s Culture and Image

(iv) Nature, Type, Classification & Features of Product, Service, Property, Experience, etc. that the Brand Logo corresponds to

(v) Knowledge about Target Audience, their Likes & Dislikes, and so on

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