Navnedhi Waddhwa

Tarot Card Reading Workshop

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Course Content

Day 1
*Introduction and Benefits of Tarot Major Arcana and Minor Arcana Reversed cards How to spread your tarot cards

Day 2
Blockages to Reading Clearing the cards Psychic protection

Day 3
Understanding the 3 cards spread

Day 4
The Wands Suit- Master your career, travel & home Introducing the wands Discover the Ace to 5 of wands

Day 5
Discover the 6-10 of wands Your practice Ace to 10 of wands

Day 6
The Cups Suit-Master your emotions, creativity, romance and intuition Introducing the Cups Ace to 5 of Cups

Day 7
6 to 10 of Cups

Day 8
Introduction to the swords suit Ace to 5 of Swords

Day 9
6 to 10 of Swords

Day 10
The Pentacles: Master your business and career Introduction to the Pectacles Ace to 5 of Pentacles

Day 11
Six to 10 of Pentacles

Day 12-15
Introduction to the Major Arcana Card 0-2: The Fool to The High Priestess Card 3-5: The Empress to The Heirophant Card 6-8: The Lovers to the Strength Card 9-10: The Hermit to Wheel of Fortune Your Practice time for Cards 0-10: The Fool to Wheel of Fortune Card 11-13: Justice to Death Card 14-16: Temperance to The Tower Card17 to 19: The Star to The Sun Card 20-21: Judgement to The World

Day 16-18
Court Cards Introducing The Court Cards Introducing the Page and Knights The Wands Court Cards The Cups Court Cards The Swords Court Cards The Pentacles Court Cards

Day 19-22
Master different types of Tarot Spreads One Card Spread Multiple choice spreads Horseshoe Spread Celtic Cross Spread Love and Relationship spreads Money and career spreads Decision making spreads